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Stats 6 Jan 2013 to 29 Jan 2018

Hours 126h 8m   Flights 170

Types of Flight

Name # Hours
Circuit454h 6m
With Passenger10h 48m
Ridge2530h 49m
Wave1326h 23m
Thermal9080h 7m
Back Seat64h 3m


Name # Hours Costs
Instruction Received7646h 35m$0.00
Pilot in Command1511h 48m$0.00
Second in Command1012h 57m$0.00
Solo6954h 58m$0.00

Gear Type

Type # Hours
Fixed8751h 1m
None79h 6m
Retractable7666h 1m

Engine Type

Type # Hours
Glider - Motor12h 15m
None156111h 10m
Not Specified1312h 43m


Type #
Day Landings 169
Night Landings 0
Touch and Goes 0
Outlandings 2


Cost Cost/min Total
$0.00   + $0.00   = $0


Name # Hours
Tim Hardwick Smith 40 10h 31m
John Bayliss 8 2h 9m
John Tullett 6 2h 28m
Tim Austen 5 3h 57m
Steve Care 4 6h 24m
Dan McCormack 4 7h 45m
Russell Thorne 3 0h 17m
Tim Hardwick-Smith 3 0h 24m
Fraser McDougal 3 6h 14m
Philip Dunlop 2 0h 23m
Graham Erikson 2 4h 45m
Gavin Wrigley 2 2h 29m
Bill Mace 2 1h 35m
Paul Marriott 1 0h 51m
Sid Gilmore (BGA) 1 0h 28m
Jonathan Wardman 1 2h 2m
Bob Gray 1 0h 31m
Trevor Terry 1 2h 15m
Justin Wills 1 2h 35m
Dennis Crequer 1 1h 30m
Glyn Jackson 1 0h 28m


Name # Hours
Melanie Bishop 2 1h 36m
Sarah Roberts 2 0h 41m
Samuel Patterson 1 0h 40m
Terina Wardley 1 1h 13m
Judy Stokes 1 0h 40m
Connor Johnson 1 0h 57m
Nathan Whittleston 1 0h 16m
Brent Smith 1 0h 48m
Angus Ward 1 1h 40m
John Spence 1 2h 0m
Fraser McDougall 1 0h 14m
Luke Towers 1 0h 43m
Tim Austen 1 0h 20m